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What are the benefits being offered to the employees of the company ?


We provide three ( 3 ) continuing educational conferences in navigating through high conflict divorce, child custody disputes, parent child relational problems, and prevention of child abuse.

These problems impact more than just the parents and their children. They also effect extended family members, friends, mental health professionals, family law lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, pediatricians, guidance counsellors, law enforcement professionals, accountants, business valuators, other professionals, and employers because they experience a substantial financial loss when these problems spill over into the workplace.

These continuing educational benefits- can only be obtained online from Parental Alienation Education.


Employees that become better informed and educated will now need immediate assistance in how to manage their individual problems and they will also need referrals to mental health professionals, family law lawyers, mediators and consultants.Offering guidance, and finding professionals with this required expertise is a time consuming process that involves talking to a consultant and filling out detailed intake form documentation. The initial phase of a consultation takes a minimum of 2 hours and referrals to mental health professionals, lawyers and other professionals can take substantially longer due to a wide number of factors, including availability of these professionals.

What is the value of the benefits being offered to the employees ?



The value of the three ( 3 ) continuing educational conferences : $349.00


A two hour consultation to review the intake documentation, and to speak to a consultant would cost a non-member $300.00 /hour. Therefore, this consultation benefit has a value of :$600.

The good news is that we are offering all of these benefits to your employees Free of Charge.

The total value of the benefits offered to each employee adds up to: $949.

Is the partnership in alliance with the mission of the company ?


We know that your company wants to provide employees with valuable benefits and PAE benefits will also reduce the high cost to the company related to problems in the workplace caused by high conflict divorce and familial problems. This is why an alliance is a good fit.

Is this a partnership in alignment with your culture and mission ?

We think so. Consider this :

Parental Alienation Education ( PAE ) is a pro active support system for your employees and their extended family. Do you need to ask them if they care about their children or what it would mean to be able to get help with high conflict divorce and separation ?

Do you think you really need to ask them whether or not they would like help with their parent-child relational problems, or if they would like to know what they can do to protect their children from abuse ?

We already know the answer without even having to ask. So it goes without saying that this partnership makes sense.

Are these benefits what employees want and need ?


Parental alienation is the unjustified rejection of a parent, caused by the negative influence of the other parent Even most people who have never had it happen to them, understand and relate to the concept because they know a friend or a relative it did happen to. Many times a parent receiving this education will say something like :

“ I didn’t even know that there was a term for this problem. I’ve been struggling with it for so long. Thank you for helping. “

Most of your employees have no way of learning about alienation or problems that exacerbate divorce conflicts. Bringing awareness and understanding of these dynamics to your employees will help them to truly appreciate that these benefits – are exactly what they want and need.

It is also hard for anyone to admit that they have a child that might hate them for unjustified reasons. This inhibiting factor may not show up as a response on a survey, so it’s important that your employees have some
privacy in accessing these benefits.

Why does the company need to be concerned about continuing education regarding custody battles, divorce issues, child abuse or parent child relational problems ?


In an article titled : Employers Protect Yourself from Custody Battles That Hold Your Company Hostage, published by Charlotte Hardwick, February 6, 2014, she wrote:

“ Child custody? How’d that get to be an employer’s concern. When an employee faces child custody litigation, it will effect their ability to do their job. “

Imagine how much better off your employees would be if your company could help them to work at their fullest capacity.

One way to retain employees is by finding creative benefits that actually go beyond saving them dollars and cents, and doesn’t that make sense to you ?

Charlotte Hardwick goes on to say:

“ Unlike other kinds of employee stress, a custody dispute could keep creating turmoil until the employee’s youngest child turns 18. No workplace is immune. “

Imagine how these educational benefits could transform a persons life. We see it happen every day.

Research validates examples of poor work performance caused by these dynamics: They include:

* Absence for appointments with attorney, evaluations, court dates
* Stress making them more distracted, and even ill ( more sick leave )
* Unavailable for travel or extended hours
* Co-workers having to pick up the slack, so they feel put upon
* Involving other employees in the developments, which side tracks them
* Depression, anger and other emotional spill over on the job

In another social science article, the discussion turned to what employers can do to help their business, and to help their employees.

“ Experts agree that it is essential that employers connect the dots between the serious emotional and financial stress of divorce and lost productivity. It is clear, they say, that the need to educate and support employees during distressful times should not be considered a luxury, but should be regarded as a high-priority necessity. As the Grier Recovery Institute says, “ When your heart is broken, your head doesn’t work. “

Here is another excerpt from the article :

The Harvard Business Review has been quoted as estimating that presenteeism costs American business $150 billion annually in direct and indirect costs.“

Presenteeism is a condition when employees are physically present, but emotionally, mentally, creatively and professionally not there. Impact of Divorce on the Workplace, May 4, 2011, by JoAnne Donner.

Large companies are more likely to invest in continuing education because reducing problems in the workplace ( caused by divorce, custody disputes and parent-child relational problems ) is worth it. Small companies on the other hand would never make this kind of investment.

Why use an online vendor for these benefits ?


PAE offers online continuing education protected by advanced and costly encrypted technology and that protects the intellectual rights of this material and makes it more valuable because it is difficult for unauthorized users to gain access. In a research article, published in the OJDLA they report :

“ Many institutions have however, selected a third option: electing to leverage a corporate online education vendor partner to assist with the launch of new online education programs.” ( Baines & Chiarelott, 2010; Hillman & Corkery, 2010; Quigley & Pereing ( 2011 ); Russell & AASCU ( 2010 ).

Also your company is not likely to invest in continuing education that requires advanced technology and infrastructure, and that is a fact supported by research:

“ Advanced technology systems and infrastructure are often prerequisites for online education programming and may require substantial institutional investment. “ ( Lei & Gouva, 2010 ) Online Education Vendor Partners: When And How To Select One, published in the Fall 2012, Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

PAE has built into its CE programs the technology and infrastructure that makes these benefits so hard to access and so valuable to all of the employees of your company. There is also research, that online
continuing education is more beneficial than face-to-face instruction.

In, Re-Examining & Repositioning Higher Education :

Twenty Economic and Demographic Factors Driving Online and Blended Program Enrollments, Journal of Asynchronus Learning Networks, Vol 13: Issue 4

“ Online learning is much more conducive to the expansion of learning
than face-to-face interaction. “

Putting this research into focus:

“ In 2009, the United States Department of Education published a report entitled Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies. This report included a meta-analysis and a systemic search for empirical studies of the effectiveness of online learning. According to the report, the overall finding of the meta-analysis is that classes with online learning on average
produce stronger student learning outcomes than do classes with solely face-to-face interaction. “:

Are these educational benefits accredited by any organization ?


We offer 18 CEU’s to professionals, if CEU’s are what they need. A section of the PAE website is dedicated to CEU information, and it includes a list of all the Associations and Boards that accept these CEU’s, including the American Psychological Association.

Are there any news or press releases about PAE ?


Many articles have been published in the popular press about PAE and the continuing education conferences that were hosted by the CSPAS between 2009 – 2013. Although it is impossible to list all of the articles and radio programs PAE has been a part of, here is a short list of the most widely published articles below. Most articles were covered by the Associated Press, The National Post, a majority of the news networks including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

We are proud to announce …. the following article about PAE and the CSPAS made the Front Page of the National Post newspaper Canada’s most widely circulated daily publication.

Custody judges rule on vengeance
Kathryn Blaze Carlson
National Post

Turning children into tools of hate
Barbara Kay
National Post

The family Pandora’s Box Some Victims of parental alienation syndrome don’t realize until adulthood that one parent turned them against the other
Tralee Pearce
Globe and Mail

Gender bias evident in parental alienation cases
Kirk Makin
Globe and Mail

Psychiatric experts assess Parental Alienation
Associated Press
David Crayer

Conference to Highlight Parental Alienation
The Canadian Jewish News
David Lazarous

Diagnosing Divorce: Should Parental Alienation
Be a Mental Disorder
Globe and Mail
Adriana Barton

Teaching Children to hate the ex
National Post
Barbara Kay

Where have PAE continuing education conferences been hosted ?


PAE conferences have been held at The Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NYC, The University of Toronto, Ontario, Dawson College, Quebec, and The Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario.

PAE has also expanded into State Mandated Divorce Education Programs and these programs have been adopted by the US Courts in over 500 counties across the United States.

What kind of cost and resources would the company need to dedicate to integrate these benefits ?


The company and PAE will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding and within this MOU is a specified fee that the company agrees to pay to PAE for employee benefits and other services provided by PAE that are intended to proactively market the business of the company.

Every partnership involves some degree of time to get the word out. We not only need your help in distributing the engagement marketing material, we encourage you to explain why your employees should take advantage of their benefits. Your engagement marketing also presents an opportunity to help your employees learn just how much you care about them. What you say to your employees is entirely up to you, but PAE will put together all of the marketing materials for you to give to your employees.

Due to the fact we provide these benefits online, it will be necessary to email PAE marketing information to your employees.

After the PAE benefit information is mailed or emailed to your employees. The company will then need to send PAE an email address corresponding to each employee receiving the benefits. It is not necessary for PAE to know the names of your employees but we do require the email address to activate their benefits online.

After the benefits have been delivered to your employees, they will have the permanent ownership of these benefits. There are no company resources needed to integrate the final stages.

PAE would like the company to agree to do engagement marketing of the benefits on a bi-annual basis.

This is the full extent of involvement needed by the company to bring the PAE benefits to its employees, and we believe that the overall amount of time and cost to the company will be very minimal.

Do you have a partnership contract we can review ?


We have a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines all of the details about this partnership, and we tried to kept it simple and flexible. Although we tried to anticipate most of your questions we know there might be a few questions that we did not get to answer. Lets talk soon and thank you for giving this revenue partnership your thoughtful consideration.

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