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The benefits we provide  go  far beyond  saving you some money. That in itself, would be easy for anyone to do, and you’d probably expect that from anyone trying to get your attention.

PAE is an educational organization with benefits to offer that are not available anywhere else or from anyone else. The benefits we provide are also Free and you can also access your benefits anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device.

We’d also like to thank the leadership of your company for all of their help in working with us to integrate the benefits and to  access them online and most of all for their support in helping you.


You work hard for your success and  at work you probably count the hours until you can spend time with your family and friends.  We hope your home life is everything it can be, but life isn’t always idyllic. Maybe you’re even going through some difficult times right now.

Divorce  ranks 2nd on a list of life’s most stressful events just below the loss of a loved one. This dynamic can manifest into problems that effect extended family members, new spouses, fiance’s and friends of the family.


We assist families that are going through high conflict divorce with Consultation Services and Continuing Education benefits.

Here are some of the problems we can help you with :

  • * Referral Services to Select an Arbitrator
  • * Referral Services to Select a Mediator
  • * Referral Services to Select a Health Professional
  • * Referral Services to  Select a Family Law Lawyer
  • * Referral Services to Mental Health Professionals
  • * Divorce and Separation Dynamics
  • * Parent Child Relational Problems
  • * Child Custody Disputes
  • * Domestic Violence
  • * Child Abuse Allegations
  • * Child Abuse Prevention
  • * Therapeutic and Legal Interventions
  • * Co-parenting Problems
  • * Grandparent Visitation Rights
  • * Supervised Visitation


  • * Case History Review
  • * Consultation Interviews
  • * Litigation Support
  • * Intervention Recommendations

Getting consulting assistance from experts that specialize in high conflict divorce, parent-child relational problems and litigation issues, will come as a great source of relief. Most families that do not receive these benefits are disadvantaged by professionals practicing outside their areas of expertise. Our consultation services will put you on the right track and on the fast track to resolving your problems. In the midst of a crisis do you really want to under estimate the importance of vetting the qualifications of a lawyer, a therapist, a parenting co-ordinator, a guardian ad litem ?

Most people in this position turn to friends or to their family law lawyer, but friends are not experts and lawyers are not likely to admit their short comings in vetting the right professionals needed for specific areas of expertise. Referrals should be done by an experienced consultant that has reviewed your case file, not a referral service agency that simply offers you a name on a list.

Think of the cost in selecting the wrong professionals. The damage is substantial in terms of financial loss and time spent towards the resolution of your problem. Not enough people understand the importance of these consultation service benefits but thankfully your employer does.


Whether you’re married, unwed in a relationship, going through a separation or divorce, or single, there are lots of reasons to take advantage of continuing educational benefits. We know that many people are not going through separation and divorce but it could end up effecting you in the future, and even if you never encounter these problems, the dynamics might be effecting a married or unwed sibling, a grandchild, a close friend, a fiance, a new spouse, a significant other and children in a blended family. These benefits will enable you to share what you’ve learned to better help them.

Our continuing educational benefits include 3 online video conferences that you can view at anytime, from anywhere, and on any device; and you can watch them as often as you like because you own the rights to view them.

These continuing educational conferences cover a wide range of topics with lectures from the leading experts in psychology, psychiatry, mediation and family law, and you can watch 12 different video trailers for each of the three different conferences at

Attending a conference for continuing education is normally an expense that many people can not afford because it often requires travel expenses, time away from work, and the cost of admission. The base price to attend a PAE conference is $399.00, Access to attend the conference online is only $129.00, but through your employer, you will receive the benefit of all three conferences – Free of Charge..


With the high stakes of a marriage or a committed relationship failing at a rate of 50%, it’s prudent for singles to be more aware of factors that  indicate high risk in a relationship. According to social science research, a mistake with a wrong partner is also a costly mistake:

“ Not only is breaking up with your partner stressful and tumultuous, but also extremely expensive.” To Build Wealth: Avoid Changing Locations or PartnersJanuary 28, 2012 By Darrow Kirkpatrick

Another reason for singles to turn their attention to the dynamics of divorce – many singles have no awareness that some of the problems they face today are rooted in family conflict issues from the past. Our continuing educational conference benefits can help single’s to gain insights to correct ongoing maladaptive and or self-injuring behaviour.

Dr. Amy Baker, a research psychologist explains in her book:
“ Although all of the adult children had come to realize that they had been alienated from one parent by the other, the length of time they had been alienated and the age of awareness varied. Length of time alienated ranged from 7 to 47 years, with an average of about 20 years. A significant portion experienced depression, divorce, and substance- abuse problems as adults. They had difficulty trusting others as well as trusting themselves.“

This research supports the fact that a lack of education can lead to divorce.

Singles are also influenced by a contagious internet culture filled with social media sites, online games and online gambling. Studies indicate personal and familial relationships are breaking down because people are falling into new addictive and maladaptive patterns of behavior. This shift in societal interaction is a challenge for singles and parents with children.

The good news is that the continuing education we provide can help many singles understand a more informed way forward. In addition, our continuing educational conferences have been lauded for their entertainment value. Putting together educational programs that are both educational and entertaining is another reason why you’ll be thankful for these benefits.


The most widely circulated publication in Canada, The National Post, put us on the front page of their newspaper when they covered our conference at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre. No other educational conference has ever merited such public attention.

The press was there to report on the first international symposium on alienation, parent child relational problems and divorce Our conference was a benchmark in training for mental health professionals and parents worldwide. This event also spawned a number of social science references in magazines, monographs and journal publications.

The next conference in New York was hosted at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. It was covered by the Associated Press  ( AP ) and by radio stations and TV networks from around the globe.

Our Montreal conference in Canada was the topic of interest in a nationwide program called, “ The Current “  which airs on The Canadian Broadcasting Company. We have also been covered by CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX television.

We are proud to announce the following article about PAE made the  Front Page  of the National Post newspaper, Canada’s most widely circulated daily publication.

Custody Judges Rule On Vengeance
by Kathryn Blaze Carlson, National Post


Turning Children Into Tools of Hate
by Barbara Kay, National Post

The Family Pandora’s Box
by Tralee Pearce, Globe and Mail

Gender Bias Evident In Parental Alienation Cases
by Kirk Makin, Globe and Mail

Psychiatrc Experts Assess Parental Alienation
by David Crayer, Associated Press

Conference to Highlight Parental Alienation
by David Lazarous, The Canadian Jewish News

Diagnosing Divorce: Should Parental Alienation Be A Disorder
by Adriana Barton, Globe and Mail

Teaching Children To Hate The Ex
by Barbara Kay, National Post

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