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The benefits herein described are FREE OF CHARGE to every employee in your business and there is NO COST to your company to participate in this employee benefit program.



Employees going through separation and divorce with children need specialized services in managing individual problems, parent-child relational conflicts and referrals to mental health professionals and family law lawyers.

We provide a wide variety of services that include:

  • + Referral Services to Select an Arbitrator
  • + Referral Services to Select a Mediator
  • + Referral Services to Select a Mental Health Professional
  • + Referral Services to Select a Family Law Lawyer
  • + Case History Review and Analysis of the Family Dynamics
  • + Consultation Interview Services
  • + Therapeutic and Legal Intervention Recommendations
  • + Litigation Support

Your employees will receive unlimited consultation service benefits. The focus is on resolving and repairing family and parent-child relational problems that develop during separation and divorce. Our consulting services normally cost $2,000.00 per annum, however this Employee Benefit Program enables your company to receive our benefits for your employees Free of Charge.


We offer 3 online continuing education conferences that navigate through high conflict divorce, child custody disputes, domestic violence issues, parent-child relational problems, visitation refusal behaviour and the prevention of child abuse.

These problems impact more than just parents and their children, they also effect extended family members, new spouses, fiance’s and employers, because they have to adjust to the economic loss when these problems spill over into the workplace.

The ability to access all 3 of our continuing education conferences, which can be viewed at anytime, from anywhere, and on any device, would normally cost $349.00, however, this Employee Benefit Program enables your employees to receive the benefits Free of Charge.

Visit our website at
There are 12 video trailers you can watch for each conference. We encourage you to visit and experience the quality of these continuing educational services.

The total value of this Employee Benefit Program is $2,349.00 for every employee and there is no cost to them, and no cost to the business.


We know you want your employees to work to the best of their ability and we understand that employee problems in or away from the workplace can lead to declining productivity and escalating costs to the company. For that reason alone, these benefits will reduce your company expenses and ensure that you have a more successful enterprise.

In an article titled : Employers Protect Yourself from Custody Battles That Hold Your Company Hostage, published by Charlotte Hardwick, February 6, 2014, she wrote:

“ Child custody? How’d that get to be an employer’s concern.  When an employee faces child custody litigation, it will effect their ability to do their job.“

Imagine how much better off your company will be when your employees can work to their fullest potential. Charlotte Hardwick states:“  Unlike other kinds of employee stress, a custody dispute could keep creating turmoil until the employee’s youngest child turns 18.  No workplace is immune.“

Research validates examples of poor work performance caused by divorce dynamics :
* Absence for appointments with attorney, evaluations, court dates
* Stress making them more distracted, and even ill ( more sick leave )
* Unavailable for travel or extended hours
* Co-workers having to pick up the slack, so they feel put upon
* Involving other employees in the developments, which side tracks them
* Depression, anger and other emotional spill over on the job
In another social science article the discussion turned to what employers can do to resolve some of these problems in the workplace.

“ Experts agree that it is essential that employers connect the dots between the serious emotional and financial stress of divorce and lost productivity. It is clear, they say, that the need to educate and support employees during distressful times should not be considered a luxury, but should be regarded as a high-priority necessity. As the Grier Recovery Institute said, “ When your heart is broken, your head doesn’t work.“

Here is another fact from social science research :

“ The Harvard Business Review has been quoted as estimating that presenteeism costs American business $150 billion annually in direct and indirect costs.“

Presenteeism is a condition when employees are physically present, but emotionally, mentally, creatively and professionally not there. Impact of Divorce on the Workplace, May 4, 2011, by JoAnne Donner.


PAE offers online continuing education using advanced and costly encrypted technology that protects the intellectual rights of this material and makes it more valuable because it is difficult for unauthorized users to gain access.  In a research article,  published in the OJDLA they report :

“ Many institutions have however, selected a third option: electing to leverage a corporate online education vendor partner to assist with the launch of new online education programs.” ( Baines & Chiarelott, 2010; Hillman & Corkery, 2010; Quigley & Pereing ( 2011 ); Russell & AASCU ( 2010 ).

Your company is not going to invest in continuing education programs with advanced technology and infrastructure, that fact is supported by research:

“ Advanced technology systems and infrastructure are often prerequisites for online education programming and may require substantial institutional investment. “ ( Lei & Gouva, 2010 ) Online Education Vendor Partners: When And How To Select One, published in the Fall 2012, Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

PAE has built into their online programs the technology and infrastructure that makes their services more beneficial than face-to-face instruction.

In, Re-Examining & Repositioning Higher Education : Twenty Economic and Demographic Factors Driving Online and Blended Program Enrollments, Journal of Asynchronus Learning Networks, Vol 13: Issue 4 “ Online learning is much more conducive to the expansion of learning than face-to-face interaction. “

Summarizing this research :

“ In 2009, the United States Department of Education published a report entitled Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies. This report included a meta-analysis and a systemic search for empirical studies of the effectiveness of online learning. According to the report, the overall finding of the meta-analysis is that classes with online learning on average produce stronger student learning outcomes than do classes with solely face-to-face interaction.“:


Many articles have been published in the popular press about PAE and the continuing educational conferences that we hosted.  Although it is impossible to list all of the articles and media programs PAE has been a part of, here is a short list of the most widely published articles below.  These articles were published by the Associated Press, in major newspapers worldwide, and by news networks including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

We are proud to announce the following article about PAE made the Front Page  of the National Post newspaper, Canada’s most widely circulated daily publication.

Custody judges rule on vengeance
Kathryn Blaze Carlson, National Post

Here are some other articles about us in the popular press:

Turning children into tools of hate
Barbara Kay, National Post

The family Pandora’s Box
Tralee Pearce, Globe and Mail

Gender bias evident in parental alienation cases
Kirk Makin, Globe and Mail

Psychiatric experts assess Parental Alienation
Associated Press, David Crayer

Conference to Highlight Parental Alienation
The Canadian Jewish News, David Lazarous

Diagnosing Divorce: Should Parental Alienation Be a Disorder
Globe and Mail, Adriana Barton

Teaching Children to hate the ex
National Post, Barbara Kay


PAE conferences have been held at The Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NYC, The University of Toronto, Ontario, Dawson College, Quebec, and The Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario.Our continuing education also expanded into State Mandated Divorce Education Programs and these programs have been adopted by the Courts in over 500 counties across the United States.


PAE can provide you with a link where you can direct employees to information about the benefits we provide. That link is or follow any other procedures you prefer to notify employees of benefits provided through the business.

Any employee wanting to receive these benefits simply needs to send us an email at and provide us with a CODE NUMBER that we assign to identify your business.

As soon as we receive an email expressing a wish to receive our benefits we will give them immediate access to all benefits and services at no cost. It’s just that simple !

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