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Free Consultations only apply to employees in companies or to members of associations that have an affiliated agreement with PAE.

If you are a parent experiencing parent-child relational problems during a high-conflict divorce or separation, and you are pursuing litigation or re-litigation for a legal or, therapeutic intervention, contact us for a Free Consultation.

We offer litigation support for parents in all areas of high-conflict divorce with children.

  •  Co-parenting disputes involving physical and or legal custody issues.
  •  A parent having problems or concerns about a child or, children exhibiting visitation refusal behavior, or estrangement.
  •  Divorce situations involving domesstic violence, false allegations of abuse, or ongoing CPS investigations.
  •  Parents being falsely accused of parental alienation.
  •  Parents who need to find a qualified mental health professional to do a custody evaluation.
  •  Parents who need a mental health professional to determine the need for or design of a reunification plan for the court.
  •  Parents who need to locate a qualified mental health practitioner for reunification counseling or to find a reunification program.

Parents who are facing parental alienation challenges need support ! You are not alone in this. Get litigation support by contacting us for a Free Consultation.

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