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The benefits we provide  go  far beyond  saving you some money. That in itself, would be easy for anyone to do, and you’d probably expect that from anyone trying to get your attention.

PAE is an educational organization with benefits to offer that are not available anywhere else or from anyone else.  The benefits we provide are Free  and you can access your benefits anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device.

We’d also like to thank the leadership of your association for their help in working with us to integrate the benefits and to access them online, and most of all for their support  in helping you.


You work hard for your success and  at work you probably count the hours until you can spend time with your family and friends. We hope your home life is everything it can be but, life isn’t always  idyllic. Maybe you’re even going through some difficult times right now.

Divorce  ranks 2nd on a list of life’s most stressful events just below the loss of a loved one, and this dynamic isn’t only about two people separating from a failed relationship, couples with children have responsibilities that can manifest into cascading problems.


We provide assistance to people and families  with divorce and separation problems, through Continuing Educational Conferences and Consultation Services.


Whether you’re married, unwed in a relationship, going through a divorce or separation, or single – there are excellent reasons for you to take advantage of the continuing educational benefits we provide . Here are a few of the issues we will be assisting you with.

* Divorce and separation issues
* Parent-child relational problems
* Child custody disputes
* Domestic violence issues
* Child abuse and child abuse prevention
* Post divorce legal and economic issues
* Co-parenting problems
* Grandparent visitation issues
* Substance abuse problems
* Supervised access and parenting time

We know that thankfully many of you do not have these problems effecting you directly, but they might end up effecting you in the future, and even if they never do, these problems might be effecting a married or unwed brother or sister, a grandchild, a close friend, a fiance, a new spouse, a significant other or children in a blended family. These benefits will en able you to share what you’ve learned to better help them.


With the high stakes of a marriage or a committed relationship failing at a rate of 50%, it’s prudent for singles to be more educated in factors that  indicate high risk. According to social science research, a mistake with a wrong partner is also a costly mistake:

“ Not only is breaking up with your partner stressful and tumultuous, but also extremely expensive.” To Build Wealth: Avoid Changing Locations or Partners  January 28, 2012 By Darrow Kirkpatrick

Another reason why singles need to turn their attention to the dynamics of divorce and parent-child relational problems- many people have no awareness that some of the problems they face now are rooted in family conflict from the past. Our continuing educational conferences can help single’s to gain insights to correct on-going maladaptive or self-injuring behavior.

Dr. Amy Baker, a research psychologist explains:

“ Although all of the adult children had come to realize that they had been alienated from one parent by the other, the length of time they had been alienated and the age of awareness varied. Length of time alienated ranged from 7 to 47 years, with an average of about 20 years. A significant portion experienced depression, divorce, and substance-abuse problems as adults. They had difficulty trusting others as well as trusting themselves. “

This research supports the fact that a lack of education can lead to divorce.

Singles are also influenced by a contagious internet culture filled with social media sites, online games and online gambling. Studies indicate personal and familial relationships are breaking down because people are falling into new addictive patterns of behavior. This shift in societal interaction is a challenge for singles and parents with children.

The good news is that the continuing education we provide can help many singles understand a more informed way forward. In addition, our conferences have been lauded for their entertainment value. Putting together educational programs that are both educational and entertaining is another reason you will be transfixed by our benefits.


The most widely circulated publication in Canada, The National Post, put us on the front page of their newspaper when they covered our 1st conference at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre. No other educational conference has Sever merited such public attention.

The press was there to report how we had organized the first educational symposium on alienation in parent child relational problems, a benchmark in training for mental health and legal professionals worldwide.

It was so successful it later spawned a number of journal references in magazines, monographs and dissertation papers.

Our next conference in New York was hosted at the Mt. Sinai School of  Medicine, it was covered by the Associated Press  ( AP ), radio stations, and TV networks.

Our conference in Montreal was the topic of interest in a nationwide program called, “ The Current “  which airs on The Canadian Broadcasting Company. We have been covered by CBS, ABC, FOX, and major newspapers from all around the world.


Not everyone attending our conference needs continuing educational credits ( CEU’s ) but for the professionals that do need them, we provide 18 CEU’s . We are accredited by state and national mental health associations, including The American Psychological Association.

PAE has always opened its door to anyone interested in continuing education for the sake of education, and that’s why there is growing interest in this education dispersed across the family spectrum. We would also like to emphasize that the speaker presentations are easy to follow and you’ll enjoy the educational learning.


Many members taking advantage of continuing education will become aware of problems that need to be addressed; getting immediate help ( on the phone ) with a consultant who is an expert in parent-child dynamics, family litigation issues, and court intervention will come as a great relief to the caller.

In today’s psycho-legal service industry families are being disadvantaged by a number of professionals practicing outside their areas of expertise. Not only is this unethical and unprofessional, these professionals do more harm than good, and that fact is supported by social science research.

In addition, a consultation with a consultant can put you on the right track and the fast track deciding which therapeutic or legal intervention you should seek.

In the midst of a crisis do you really want to under estimate the importance of vetting the qualifications of a mental health professional, an ad litem, a mediator, or a custody evaluator ?

Most people in this position turn to friends or to a lawyer for help in selecting the right professionals, but friends are not experts and lawyers are not likely to admit their short comings in judging the type of mental health professionals needed in specific areas of expertise. Imagine what would happen if they did make that admission to their clients and prospective clients.

This referral and consultation should come from a qualified consultant. General practitioners are a good example of this logic when seeking a medical specialist. Think of the cost in selecting the wrong professional. The damage is substantial in terms of lost financial resources and time spent towards the resolution of your problem. Very few people have the luxury of these consultation services, but remember it’s also a necessity to have the benefits.



We provide you with Three Continuing Educational Conference Benefits:

1. The Toronto Conference – Visit our website at:  to view the Full Schedule of the Conference and the Speaker profiles.
Free Benefit To Members  Non-Member Cost – $129.00

2. The New York Conference –Visit our website at:  to view the Full Schedule of the Conference and the Speaker profiles.
Free Benefit To Members  Non-Member Cost – $129.00

3. The Montreal Conference – Visit our website at:  to view the Full Schedule of the Conference and the Speaker profiles.
Free Benefit To Members  Non-Member Cost – $129.00


Consultation Services-  A 2 hour consultation with a consultant guiding you in resolving your family dynamics, with referral services. Consultations include intake documentation and a telephone interview. Free Benefit To Members
Non-Member Cost – $600.


As a member, you will receive a 30 Day Free Pass to access the PAE Continuing Educational Conference Benefits. At the expiration of your 30 Day Free Pass, you will be asked to set up your Account ID, and your Account ID will enable you to keep your benefits on a permanent basis.

In order to process and set up your Account ID, there is a one time fee of $20.00. After your account has been set up to access these benefits, there will be no future fees of any kind.

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