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The primary focus of Dr. Bone’s work is high conflict custody disputes involving parental alienation under the pretense of divorce. His goal is to help establish custody plans and parenting roles that encourage positive relationships between children and BOTH parents. Working with both mothers and fathers he has spent over 25 years dealing with high conflict divorce as a therapist, expert witness, mediator, evaluator and consultant, nationally and internationally. He has worked on hundreds of cases garnering positive results.

Cases involving parental alienation must be handled differently. It is not as simple as hiring professionals that are familiar with or say they understand Parental Alienation. The legal issues that appear in alienation cases are unique. Failure to understand the uniqueness of these cases by mental health professionals or lawyers in these cases can and often does lead to disastrous results.

Dr. Bone worked extensively with the late Dr Richard Gardner who first described the syndrome in 1985. Dr Bone served on the Scientific and Professional Advisory Board of the Parental Alienation Research Foundation in Washington D.C. In 2006 Dr. Bone closed his clinical practice and began a full time consultative practice devoted entirely to the development of remedies for and education about parental alienation. These activities include consulting on individual cases with parents and attorneys, as well as in the development of educational products involving practical strategies for parents who are experiencing parental alienation.


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