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How PAE Can Channel Business To You

PAE is an organization disseminating psycho-legal education and consultation services, and the way that we generate revenue is from corporate sponsorships. In exchange, we channel business to sponsors through strategies and resources listed below.

1. Access to PAE’s Listserv of Psycho-legal Professionals:

Lawyers, doctors, mental health professionals, mediators, arbitrators, guardian ad litem’s, parenting coordinators, forensic accountants, business valuators, CDFA’s, DV advocates, and supervisors of visitation. In addition our listserv includes a growing number of same participating subscribers in over 20 different countries

2. Access to PAE’s Corporate Listserv.

We also have a listserv of corporate clientele in a diversification of industries. These corporate clients have access to our Sponsor Vendor Directory, a password protected platform where vendors and corporate clients can meet. Every vendor has a full page ad with inks to the vendor website and to key personnel.

3. Phone Campaign to Introduce Clients

During the year we will launch a phone campaign to introduce our clients to you. Our staff will make the calls and bring attention to who you are and what you do. We will get to the decision makers and make every effort to establish that all important introduction. We will encourage them to review your business by visiting the Sponsor Vendor Directory.

4. Film Advertising Services

Our first film now in production and scheduled for release in late 2014, recently announced on the PAE website will include closing credits for sponsors. We will also be integrating distribution of the film through court mandated and voluntary divorce education programs. The national and international parenting participants is estimated to reach more than 2 million parents every year.

Your film advertising credits help to remind the public of your support for child abuse prevention programs and consumer loyalty is to some degree driven by your inclusion in a good cause.


5. Social Media & Multiplicity Promotion

PAE will use all its resources to help promote you as a partner  on FB, TW, every social media community we belong to and we will use our other resources to help with exposure in press release announcements, blog articles and media programs where we are being followed.


1. Employee Benefits that will improve worker productivity.

2. Employee Benefits that reduce costs related to employee problems in the workplace.

3. Employee Benefits that support employee satisfaction and employee retention.

4. Employee Benefits valued at $949. per employee at no cost to the company.

How can we afford to do this and why would we want to ?
Those are questions we’d expect you to ask and there’s a simple answer.

For one thing, we can afford to do this because we have the technology that enables us to reduce the cost at a level that makes it possible.

Why do we want to do this ?

Well, if we don’t find a way to disseminate PAE continuing education and consultation services, children will become victims of abuse, more families will suffer from divorce and separation conflict, and employers will also suffer economic losses that can be avoided.

What Does PAE Want From Us

The specific details are outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding and you can access that informal agreement online. We are providing you with a hyperlink to make it easy, but in a few words – we’re only asking you for a small Sponsorship Fee.

Your sponsorship helps us to cover the costs to facilitate and integrate this alliance and process the activation of benefits.

You may have questions about an exclusive ( non-competition ) partnership and that is a matter we can discuss if it’s something you consider to be important in moving forward. In addition, you may want to further understand what your company would need to do on your end to make it possible to evaluate your time and costs in this alliance. In the additional documents we have sent to you today are answers to those questions but in a few words, your time and costs are minimal.

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